When it comes to powerful and popular three-row SUVs, the new Explorer from Ford takes the lead. Its performance features underscore its popularity with SUV buyers today.

To protect you from backing up into other traffic and pedestrians, the new Explorer comes with reverse brake assist. This feature detects vehicles that are stationery or driving behind you. It alerts you that there is traffic in your rear crossing lane, allowing you to adjust your driving and halt your backing up to prevent an accident. The new Explorer also comes with rear-wheel drive, allowing your SUV to get its power from its rear tires. This drive train can give you better control in inclement driving conditions. You avoid slide-offs and spin outs on icy roads.

The new Explorer likewise has a powerful 3.6-liter V8 engine. It provides power to get you up steep inclines on the road and also help you decelerate safely.


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